Published Graphic Novel: Strange Touch

Around the time of International Women's Day, I would like to share a project that is close to my heart. 'Strange Touch' is a graphic novel that I wrote and Illustrated in 2010 but it failed to see the light of day...until now. 
The book narrates a struggle to overcome a past that haunts the present. The protagonist keeps traveling between her past and her present and searches for closure of her tormented past. As the plot evolves, the bridge between the present and the dream of her past narrows down and becomes one.
This book is inspired from personal experience and acts as a bridge that connects the reader and brings them closer to an experience and emotions that a victim of child abuse or any kind of abuse fails to express. Most of the children become adults but still carry along with them the loose strings of their past and find ways to let out their frustrations. I strongly believe this book to be a chance to take a leap and face the ugly truth that may have lay hidden under layers of emotional camouflaging.
I am proud to announce that my E-book is now available for purchase via Amazon Kindle. It can be read via the free Kindle app over various devices.
It would mean the world if you have a read and send me your thoughts. Thank you.

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